Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Product Debut: Button 'n' Felt Flower Headbands

My poor little shop blog has been rather neglected as of late since most of the news and photos are now posted on the Ladybug Limited fan page on Facebook. However, I did want to post some photos from the Christmas bazaar I did at St. Mary's, Corvallis, this weekend as I got to debut a new product!
I'm branching off into the world of felt with these button 'n' felt flower headbands. I made one for my daughter for her birthday back in October, which quickly led to another, which led to another, and so on -- you get the idea!
I need to find a good source for headbands, but for now, I'm loving that Bug has something new to be excited about -- it's so funny to watch her choose her clothes according to the headband she's picked out for the day.
I also took this close-up shot of my ribbon clips -- I've finally changed the clip cards on them to match my other clips and ponytail holders. I had to create a card for the button flower headbands, but at least they're all stamped the same. Now I just need to change over the tags for the adjustable headbands!

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