Monday, October 5, 2009

Ladybug Limited as shot by Pascale Wowak: Wow!

So while doing the Fall Festival craft fair with Julie of ZozoBugBaby a couple weeks ago, she mentioned that she was getting an outfit ready to send to a photographer for a big project and invited me to send along a matching fabric flower clip for the shoot. New scraps in hand, I quickly got a scrappy fabric flower off to Pascale Wowak Photography for the shoot.

So can you see why I was thrilled to get these images from Pascale today? She posted about the shoot on her blog here, so you must click through for more great shots -- Pascale's daughter Ellie has so much spirit! And Pascale had such sweet things to say in her post: "Diana uses the same fabric as Julie to design matching hair accessories for Julie's outfits! And when I say matching, I mean PERFECT! How adorable is the barrette?! LOVE."

Thanks, Pascale! The photos are fabulous!

October 9 Update:
Julie has posted the big news on her blog! Her big project is that she'll be be releasing 3 patterns for P & B Textiles -- wow! This shoot was for her Rosey Tilt-a-Twirl skirt set -- isn't it adorable? You can't really see my scrappy fabric flower clip on the pattern cover, but I'm so happy for Julie and so thrilled with Pascale's beautiful images!

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